A very warm welcome to Surrogacy UK, a leading UK not-for-profit surrogacy organisation.


Our ethos is “surrogacy through friendship”.  Through our organisation, Surrogate Mothers and Intended Parents can meet one another and form the friendships that can lead to dreams coming true.  We are here to help and support you through all the stages of your surrogacy journey.

Our new website tells you all you need to know about surrogacy, how our organisation works, and how to become a member.  The website also hosts our online message-boards, a buzzing online community where you’ll find friendship, advice, and support.

You’ll find some terms used throughout this website:


  • Intended Parents, also called “IPs”, these are couples who are not able to have a child themselves, and who are considering surrogacy as a way to create their family.
  • Surrogates are women who are interested in helping IPs fulfil their dreams to become parents by carrying a child for them.


Please note: At this time, Surrogacy UK will only grant full membership to couples where both Intended Parents are residing, and not just domiciled, in the UK.


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