Surrogacy UK Celebrates Birth of 150th Baby!

Wednesday 8th June 2016

Surrogacy UK (SUK) is delighted to announce the birth of its 150th surrogate-born baby. The arrival of Ella Hope Janine Chapman, 8lb 14oz, on Sunday 5th June 2016 marks the much longed for completion of Kathryn Mallery and Chris Chapma’s family and a fantastic milestone for the organisation.

A serious medical condition meant Kat was unable to carry a pregnancy after having her daughter, Lucy, in 2010. She and fiancé Chris have now achieved their dream of having a second child thanks to surrogate Janine Gregory, from Leicester, whom they met through SUK.

SUK is a not-for-profit organisation supporting altruistic surrogacy in the UK. Set up in 2002 by surrogates, it recognises that the key to a successful surrogacy journey is friendship and trust. This “friendship first” ethos can be seen in the close relationship between Ella’s parents and Janine’s family. Since Janine’s offer of help in 2014 the bond between the two families has grown stronger and stronger as they have enjoyed many days out, weekends and holidays together. This friendship stood them in good stead for the ups and down of their surrogacy journey, including several failed ivf cycles. As Kat explains “The road to completing our family was much longer than any of us anticipated but the fun and laughter has not stopped from day one. Our own little family has been completed through a set of incredible values that will be held dear to us forever: kindness, friendship, love, trust, determination, strength and teamwork.”

Janine said “It was my dream to carry a baby for another couple and to have finally achieved this for Kat and Chris is fantastic. Not only have I helped them complete their family but I have gained lifelong friends in the process. Knowing I’ve given birth to Surrogacy UK’s 150th baby makes it extra special.”

Sarah Jones, surrogate and chairperson of SUK, said “I have been involved with Surrogacy UK for 14 years – it has been amazing to see it go from strength to strength and to see so many wonderful families created through surrogacy as it becomes a more accepted way of modern family building. I could not have imagined back in 2002 we would now be celebrating the birth of the 150th baby! Our success is down to putting friendship at the heart of all surrogacy journeys.”

Notes to Editors

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