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Surrogacy UK is run by its members, for its members. We have taken some time to let you know a bit about us.


Board Of Trustees


Sarah Jones – Chairperson

Sarah JonesI joined SUK over 10 years ago, as a potential surrogate who really connected to the Friendship First ethos.  I gave birth to my first surrogate baby in 2004, my second in 2005 and after completing my own family, returned to give birth to my third surrogate baby in 2013.  The Friendship First ethos really worked for me and I can count my 3 sets of IPs as true and strong friends, with my children seeing them as special Aunts and Uncles.  I am lucky to have experienced these relationships and felt that I wanted to give back to the organisation and people that had made these life changing journeys possible.  I have volunteered with the organisation for many years, in various roles and eventually joined the Board of Trustees in 2013. Email Sarah

Sameer Kothari – Treasurer

Sameer_KothariMy wife Gail and I joined SUK in the summer of 2008. Gail and I are very happy and lucky in many ways. We have recently been very lucky thanks to Vicky and Andrew (+ their girls) and their generosity in helping Gail and me achieve this aim.

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Nicole Evans – Secretary

NikiI joined Surrogacy UK in January 2012 as a potential surrogate with a desire to help a couple achieve their dream of being parents. I gave birth to my first surrogate baby in 2013 and am expecting to give birth to my second later this year. At the time of joining I didn’t realise just how invested in SUK and its practices I would become and how passionate I would be about promoting its values and advocating positive surrogacy in general. I truly believe that the friendship based ethos that attracted me to the organisation in the first place made my journeys the wonderfully positive experiences that they were.

I joined the Board of Trustees in order to help SUK in its exciting time of growth and strive to maintain the strong ethos my predecessors have worked so hard to achieve to ensure that future members have the same positive experiences that I have. Email Nicole


Jackie Hunter – Trustee

I have been a member of Surrogacy UK for going on ten years now. I have been a surrogate mother four times and I am hoping to donate eggs soon. I have been heavily involved in Surrogacy UK taking up various roles within the organisation over the years including support, information session giving, participating in our conferences, I very much enjoy being part of this and it has been amazing watching it grow to what it is today! Email Jackie


David Capewell – Trustee

Dave CapewellI joined SUK in 2008 together with my wife Anoushka. After a number of years with the organisation we were lucky enough to start our family thanks to a wonderful surrogate. We have spent many happy years with the organisation and have been lucky enough to see many families created through SUK and the ethos that it promotes. I have also seen the benefit that a supportive network can have during difficult times when trying to create families. In 2013 I joined the Board of Trustees to try and give something back to the organisation that has supported myself and my family so much over the years and I hope to contribute, in a small way, to its ongoing success. Email David


Natalie Smith – Trustee

Natalie SmithJonathan and I joined Surrogacy UK in 2009 hoping to fulfill our dream of becoming a family. We were very lucky to meet our surrogate Jenny in the same year and have twin girls in 2011! The support, friendships and expertise we received along the way have been invaluable, making our journey not only successful, but hugely positive. I’m proud to now be part of the Board of Trustees taking the organisation forwards. Email Natalie


Adrian Fineberg – Trustee

Adrian FinebergMy wife, Elena and I joined Surrogacy UK in 2012.  We have thoroughly enjoyed our time with SUK and cherish the friends we have made through the organisation.  We are expecting our first child in January 2015 with our surrogate and new friend Kristin and her wonderful family.

I am a passionate and enthusiastic advocate of SUK and the assistance and benefits the organisation provides to anyone involved in surrogacy whatever their background, needs or experience.    Being asked to join the Board of Trustees provides me with an opportunity to give back and help others get all the support, help and information they need.

I join the Board of Trustees at an exciting time.  SUK is looking to expand so that we can support more surrogate mothers and intended parents in achieving the outcomes we all wish for, whilst maintaining the ethos of surrogacy through friendship.  I very much look forward to being part of that growth and ensuring SUK continues to be the best organisation for everyone that it is today.  Hopefully both surrogate mothers and intended parents will find me approachable, open and honest in helping them with any queries or suggestions. Email Adrian


Leyla Hutchings – Trustee

Leyla HutchingsMy husband Richard and I went to our first Surrogacy UK event in March 2010. Thanks to the help of countless people at Surrogacy UK (not least our surrogate Rachael, her husband James and their family), we’ve just had our first surrobaby Zeki in May 2014! We couldn’t have got here without the support of the organisation and it makes it even more special to know that much of that support is given on a voluntary basis. I am delighted to be able to chip in with my little bit of help to the Surrogacy UK community in the hope that Surrogacy UK will continue to go from strength to strength and other Intended Parents like us and Surrogates looking to create a family can see their dreams come true. Email Leyla


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Jayne Frankland – Surrogate Support And Liaison Manager

I am a Founder Member of Surrogacy UK. I work alongside Sarah in Surrogate Liaison & Support. I help guide surrogates through the joining process. I have experienced surrogacy as an intended parent and surrogate mother. My husband and I had 10 years of failed fertility treatment before turning to surrogacy to have our first child in 1996. We then went on to have 4 more children naturally and I decided to “pay back the gift”. I was a surrogate mother myself in 2004, 2006 and 2011. Email Jayne



Sarah Wisniewski – Surrogate Support And Liaison Manager

Surrogacy UK has been a part of my life for 5 years now, and in that time I have had the pleasure of giving my time to a wonderful organisation in various roles and also the opportunity to carry out information sessions in my area. I am now, along with Jayne – Surrogate support and Liaison manager, a role I am passionate about. As a Surrogate myself, I can understand the journey a woman and her family undergoes to try and help a childless couple. I think that it’s important surrogates are supported throughout the joining process and beyond. We want that process to be as smooth as possible.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any queries about becoming a surrogate mother, no matter how small, I will be happy to help. Email Sarah


Helen Greenwood – Intended Parent Support Manager

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Karla Nicolaou – Membership Secretary

My name is Karla and I’ve been involved with Surrogacy UK as Membership Secretary since 2009.  Very good friends of mine had my God-Daughter through SUK which is how I became involved with the organisation; seeing friendships and family’s being created makes my job so rewarding each and every day.  I’m here to help potential members in answering any questions or queries and hope to make the joining process as easy and straight forward as possible for them. Email Karla


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