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Infertility Information and Support Groups


The HFEA’s primary remit is to license and monitor UK clinics that offer IVF (in vitro fertilisation) and DI (donor insemination) treatments, and all UK-based research into human embryos. They also regulate the storage of eggs, sperm and embryos.
The HFEA have a publication called “Getting started: Your guide to fertility treatment” aimed at people who are at the beginning of their fertility treatment – order a copy by clicking here.
The HFEA has general guidance on surrogacy here:, and information on the legalities here:

For those looking to find an IVF clinic, the HFEA has a useful search tool that can help you choose based not just on location, but a number of other selection criteria:

Infertility Network UK

INUK is committed to providing a comprehensive support network to its members and to all those affected by infertility by actively promoting INUK services. As well as providing authoritative information, and practical and emotional support, it is INUK’s mission to raise the profile and understanding of infertility issues in all quarters and to strive for timely and consistent provision of infertility care throughout the UK.

Fertility Friends

An online community of UK infertility patients, covering topic areas such as assisted conception, parenting, adoption, surrogacy and living child free.

This website is designed by infertility specialists primarily for couples who are experiencing difficulty in having a child, and thinking that they might need medical help.

National Endometriosis Society

In 1981 a self-help group for women with endometriosis was set up. In 1982 it became a registered charity – The National Endometriosis Society. Today the Society is the largest UK charity devoted exclusively to this disease.

The Daisy Network

A charity support group for women suffering Premature Menopause.

British Fertility Society

The British Fertility Society is a national multidisciplinary organisation representing professionals practicing in the field of reproductive medicine.


ACeBabes was formed to provide parents of children born through assisted conception with ongoing support, which was unavailable elsewhere.

Surrogacy Law

Louisa Ghevaert

Louisa Ghevaert provides expert fertility law advice on surrogacy law in the UK, international surrogacy, parental orders, specialist Wills for surrogacy, surrogacy disputes and bespoke legal assistance for married, unmarried and same-sex couples and single people wanting to build a family through surrogacy. Louisa currently works for Michaelmores, and their website contains lots of information that those interested in surrogacy may find useful.

Natalie Gamble Associates

A specialist fertility law firm. The Natalie Gamble Associates website contains extensive free resources on surrogacy law, and you can find more information on international surrogacy law, parental orders, Wills for surrogacy, surrogacy for gay couples, surrogacy for heterosexual couples and surrogacy for single men and women.



British Infertility Counselling Association.


The British Association of Counselling and Psychotherepy.

Counselling Directory

If you are finding the surrogacy process hard to deal with find help using Counselling Directory. Search for your local Counsellor by postcode, town or county. Every Counsellor listed is fully insured and qualified. This is a free and confidential service for all.

Egg and Sperm Donating Support and Information

Donor Conception Network

A network of parents with children conceived with donated gametes donor insemination (DI) and IVF with donor sperm or donated eggs adult offspring and those contemplating or undergoing treatment.

National Gamete Donation Trust

A Promotes awareness of the ongoing need for egg and sperm donors; to provide a central reference point for all potential donors.

Pregnancy and Family Support Groups


Whether you are pregnant for the first time or a new parent or onto your third or fourth baby, the NCT has something for you.


The Twins and Multiple Births Association, Tamba is a nationwide UK charity providing Information and mutual support networks for families of twins, triplets and more.

Multiple Births Foundation

The Multiple Births Foundation is an independent charity based at Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea Hospital in West London. A vital resource to professionals and families alike, it aims to improve the care and support of multiple birth families through the education of all relevant professionals.

Conception, Ovulation and Pregnancy Support and Information

Baby Center

At BabyCentre, we’re dedicated to helping new, expectant and “actively trying” parents to find the information, support and reassurance they need. We want to be your most trusted parenting resource – that’s why we offer practical advice from expert sources, such as doctors, midwives and fellow parents.
BabyCentre’s mission is to help parents make the most of one of life’s greatest experiences. We also want to be the place you come back to with your questions and concerns. We know that no two pregnancies, births or children are alike, and there are many different ways to approach the same problem.

La Lêche League

La Leche League was founded to give information and encouragement, mainly through personal help, to all mothers who want to breastfeed their babies. While complementing the care of the physician and other health care professionals, it recognizes the unique importance of one mother helping another to perceive the needs of her child and to learn the best means of fulfilling those needs.

Adoptive Breastfeeding

Adoptive breastfeeding is possible with good planning and preparation, and more and more frequently, mothers planning on infant adoption are considering this option as a way to promote attachment. This is a highly personal issue, and not without controversy.

Ask Lenore

We wholeheartedly support all mothers who decide to breastfeed their baby. We aim to provide you with information on proper breastfeeding techniques (including Inducing Lactation) to help you nurture your intended, premature or adopted baby.


Baby Care Tens

Babycare TENS has become the most popular choice for mums-to-be as it is specifically designed to combat pain during childbirth. This is a safe, effective drug-free method of pain relief, which still allows you to use other analgesics, such as pethadine or gas-and-air if you wish.


Babybond was conceived because, as medical evidence has shown, parents and their relatives have come to experience the joy and benefit of seeing their baby moving on screen.

British Osteopathic Association

The BOA is a merger of the three professional bodies representing osteopaths and was formed in 1998.

Baby & Pregnancy Ultrasound 3D/4D

3D Baby & Pregnancy Ultrasound Centre from Inner-Vision Ultrasound Warrington. Includes Ultrasound Services and baby Ultrasound pictures from 16-32 weeks and Q&A


Ethics Committee Vacancy

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Surrogacy UK Information Day

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