Intended Parent Stories

Angela’s Story

Angela with her twins Mia and Ella

 “Due to a number of failed IVF attempts, my husband and I made the decision to investigate surrogacy and joined Surrogacy UK in April 2014.  On the 24th December 2014 we received the exciting call from SUK to tell us that Wendy wanted to help us.  We were overjoyed and began to ‘get to know’ Wendy and her family for a number of months.


In June 2015 we transferred our only 2 embryos, which had been previously frozen, into Wendy and after a few days Wendy did a pregnancy test revealing that she was pregnant. We could not believe that we were going to finally be parents!  The 6-week viability scan showed that we were expecting twins and they were both strong and healthy.


Over the next 9 months we attended every midwife, scan and consultancy appointment and continued to enjoy spending time with Wendy and her family. Wendy sent us a weekly bump picture so we could see our babies growing and regular videos of them wiggling away. We were involved with the pregnancy throughout and shared the whole experience. It was so special!


Wendy took perfect care of our babies and at 37 weeks she was induced, because they were twins.  The labour was the most wonderful experience we will remember forever, and we were there for Wendy every step of the way to see our baby girls enter the world.


Ella Elizabeth was born first and weighed 6lb 9 and Mia Anne arrived a minute later weighing 7lb 10.


It is amazing that another person would go through such a selfless act to help others achieve their dream.  Wendy has become a close friend and will always play a big part of our girls’ lives. She has helped create two new lives and has made our hearts complete.

We will always be so grateful to Wendy and her family for giving us the greatest gift of life….twice!”

 Posted 9.3.17

Susan’s Story

Susan (right) with Lianna (centre) and Mark with Baby Dexter (left)

“I have MRKH which means I was born without a uterus and therefore, I’m unable to carry a child. I found this out at just 17 years old. I struggled to understand my condition so focused on other things then, 11 years ago, I met my husband who helped me to accept my diagnosis. We both wanted children and, as I still have ovaries, we started to look into surrogacy. We heard about Surrogacy UK from an MRKH support group that we had attended. We valued the organisation’s ‘friendship first’ ethos as we really wanted any child that we had as a result of a surrogacy journey to know the person and also be involved during the pregnancy, something a strong friendship would enable us to do. We joined the organisation and, through its social events and conferences, we built up a network of friends (both intended parents and surrogates). In 2013 I had an IVF cycle to create embryos, which we then froze.

6 months later we received “The Call” to say that Lianna wanted to ‘get to know’ us. We were so excited, but also apprehensive and tried not to get our hopes up. But after our first meeting we knew that it was right. We spent 3 months getting to know each other, building up friendship and trust. In July 2014 we transferred 1 embryo and 2 weeks later got a positive pregnancy test! Just under 9 months later Dexter was born. We were involved with the pregnancy from the beginning – we attended all the appointments and were there at the birth. That moment when he was born and put into my arms was just an amazing feeling, finally we were parents! Never did we think that day would come. Every day he makes us smile which reminds us of how lucky we are. We still have to pinch ourselves to believe that this has happened to us.

The friendship that we have with Lianna and her daughter is more than we could have ever expected. We consider them as part of our family, she’s Dexter’s Aunty and her daughter is his cousin. We see each other regularly and are really close friends. Dexter will always be in Lianna’s life. He’ll grow up knowing what an amazing thing she did for us and that without her and Surrogacy UK our little family wouldn’t exist”.

Posted 9.3.17


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