Surrogate Stories

Wendy’s story

Wendy with her gorgeous twin bump

“I met Tony and Angela at a Surrogacy UK conference, four months after delivering my first surrogate baby. The first thing I noticed about them was how easy they were to talk to – we clicked straight away!

A couple of months later I offered to help them and we began a period of getting to know each other.

We spent lots of time together and my 3 boys really bonded with them.


We began treatment and we were thrilled that it worked first time. A scan at 6 weeks showed we were having twins!

It was a shock but fantastic to see two heartbeats flickering on the screen. To see the utter joy on Angela’s face was amazing.


The pregnancy progressed well and the babies grew nicely. Angela and Tony were so supportive throughout.

Towards the end things were difficult, the babies were very good weights and I was carrying extra fluid. We were induced at 37 weeks; it took a lot to get things going, after my waters were broken on the 3rd day things moved up a notch! I laboured well and all of a sudden I was 10cms and ready to push but twin 1 got stuck coming out brow first, which resulted in a emergency section.

It’s wasn’t what we’d planned but the babies and me were safe and I’ll never forget hearing Ella’s cry and feeling such relief that she was ok, looking over to Angela and seeing her face as she watched her daughter being born was the thing that will stay with me forever!

We have become lifelong friends and we love watching their amazing little family grow each day! ”

Posted 9.3.17


Lianna’s Story

Lianna with her beautiful bump

 “Since I gave birth to my beautiful daughter Poppy 7 years ago I have felt the need to help a couple who were unable to carry their own child. The moment when you become a mum and hold your baby for the first time is such an overwhelming feeling. To love this little being so much that it hurts is just the best feeling ever and I really hoped one day I could help make this happen for someone else.

I came across Surrogacy UK and their friendship first ethos was extremely important to me, as I couldn’t imagine carrying a child and not having a friendship with his/her parents. I found my intended parents via the Surrogacy UK message boards. We met in March 2014 and it really was like love at first sight. We were pregnant by July 2014 and I gave birth to their gorgeous son Dexter in March 2015 with both mummy and daddy at my side the whole time.

Now I have the pleasure of this amazing little extended family and that is thanks to Susan and Mark as they treat me as part of their family. I have the most amazing bond with Dexter and so does my daughter. I really could never have imagined having such a close friendship as we do. I love watching him grow into such a funny clever little man and to see how happy my friends are now that they have their little family”

Posted 9.3.17


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