For Surrogates

For Surrogates

Welcome!  You’ll find a lot of information on this website, so please take your time to browse through.  If you’d like to download a printable version of the information on the website, please visit our Downloads page.

You are considering doing something extraordinary in order to make a couple’s dreams come true.  This journey requires a good understanding of the emotional, legal and financial implications, and is best done with the peer support of people who know what to expect.

Surrogacy UK was founded by Surrogates and run by its members (Surrogate and Intended Parents) – for its members.  By becoming a member of Surrogacy UK we can offer you:

  • A safe place to meet your Intended Parents: Via the boards, the profiles of IPs that you will have access to, and our events, you will be able to take the take the time in a non-pressurised safe environment to understand the personalities of the great Intended Parent community we have at Surrogacy UK.  We are confident that you will find a couple you really click with, and that is a great start to a surrogacy journey.
  • Advice and support from first-hand experience: Over the years Surrogacy UK has built up a vast amount of knowledge about surrogacy, and a sophisticated peer support structure: you can feel confident that in coming to Surrogacy UK you are in good hands.  As a Surrogacy UK member you will receive the support and understanding of your fellow members, and will benefit from their wide experience through:
  • Access to Surrogate-only parts of The Boards where you can ask for advice, share frustrations and worries –or just have a laugh!
  • Peer Support Workers: Members are assigned a peer support worker who understands the ups and downs of a surrogacy journey, and will be able to help you through it.
  • Information Sharing: We take every opportunity to host workshops and information sharing sessions on topics of interest during the Spring Conference and the Annual General Meeting.  Workshops throughout the day offer support and advice for everyone alongside dedicated support sessions for surrogates, and surrogates’ partners.
  • A process build-up from experience: We ensure that all our members – IPs and Surrogates – have a full understanding of what surrogacy involves and the legal background to surrogacy.  All our members have to undertake checks, criminal and medical, to join the organisation.  We also require all potential Members to attend a Surrogacy UK information session.

If you would like to have a confidential chat about Surrogacy UK, the support we can offer you, and our joining process, then please contact Dawn. Dawn is an experienced surrogate and would love to talk things through with you.


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