Surrogacy UK is distinctive in that we hold social events throughout the year – big and small, throughout the UK, and always child-friendly.  These are well attended and really good fun – the most telling thing is that time after time even people who have completed their surrogacy journeys return to the socials.  They are a great opportunity to form lasting friendships, to be reminded that Surrogacy UK really works, and to put faces to names on the boards!

Our two big events are the Spring and Autumn conferences.  Again, these are an opportunity to make new friends and have some fun, but we also make sure that they provide another way for sharing information and providing support.  You’ll find workshops, expert talks, games, raffles and above all the chance to meet others and have fun.

You may already have taken the first step and joined the organisation as a Non-Member.  This gives limited access to the Boards, and allows you to attend our social events.  We have a buddy system in place for new members going to their first social event – we have all been there and remember only too well just how nerve-wracking those first few steps into the world of surrogacy were.  It is nice to have a chance to chat to someone beforehand and know that there will be someone there waiting for you when you arrive to help introduce you to others.

Below is the current social calendar for 2018. More details can be found on the forums. To book a place, send an email to



06/01/18 – Norfolk  *Booking Open*

13/01/18 – Woking  *FULL* – Reserve Open

20/01/18 – Cheshire  *Booking Open*

27/01/18 – Bicester  *FULL* Reserve Open


03/02/18 – Bath  *FULL -Reserve Open*

10/02/18 – Birmingham Surro Only  *Booking Open*

17/02/18 – Rugby  *FULL – Reserve open*


03/03/18 – Sunderland  *FULL* Reserve open

10/03/18 – Edinburgh  *Booking Open*

17/03/18 – SW London  *FULL – Reserve Open*

24/03/18 – Kettering  *FULL* Reserve Open


07/04/18 – Gloucestershire  *Booking Open*

08/04/18 – St Albans  *Booking Open*

14/04/18 – E.London  *FULL* Reserve Open

15/04/18 – North West  *Booking Open*

21/04/18- Devon  *FULL* Reserve Open

21/04/18 – Surrogacy UK Information Day – Manchester  BOOK NOW

28/04/18 – Kent/Sussex TBC

29/04/18 – Newcastle


12/05/18 – Chepstow

19/05/18 – Derbyshire

26/05/18 – N.London


1,2,3/06/18 – Camping – Nottinghamshire  *Booking Open*

03/06/18 – SW London

16/06/18 – N.London

23/06/18 – Rugby


07/07/18 – SW London

Date TBC – South Shields

28/07/18 – Bicester

AUGUST04/08/18 – Surros only, Rugby

05/08/18 – Warrington

11/08/18 – Scotland18/08/18 – E.London


01/09/18 – E.London

15/09/18 – Autumn Conference


Date TBC – Surrey

Date TBC – Bath


17/11/18 – Rugby


01/12/18 – Bicester

08/12/18 – SW London


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