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28th April 2016 – Surrogacy Law Reform: Architects of UK surrogacy law join calls for urgent reform

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20th November 2015 – Surrogacy in the UK: Myth busting and reform

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Surrogacy in the UK Report Exec Summary FINAL.pdf

Surrogacy in the UK Report FINAL.pdf




Surrogacy in the UK is legal.

It is illegal however to advertise for a surrogate, or to advertise to be a surrogate.

After a surrogate child is born, the parents apply for a parental order, to become legal parents of the child.  In order to obtain a parental order the following rules must be adhered to:-

  • The intended parents must be domiciled in the UK.
  • The intended parents must be in a proven long term relationship, or be married.
  • The surrogate must not have received anything other than expenses.

A surrogates expenses are personal and will differ depending on a surrogates personal circumstances.  Surrogates expenses can range from £8,000 to £15,000.

Within Surrogacy UK, there has never been a surrogate that has wished to keep the baby, and all have resulted in a parental order being granted.




Surrogacy UK was founded in 2002 as a not-for-profit organisation supporting Surrogacy within the UK.

It is a voluntary organisation run by both Surrogates and Intended Parents together.

It offers membership to those looking to be a surrogate, couples looking to have a child through surrogacy and families that have been completed through surrogacy.

Surrogacy UK’s ethos is “surrogacy through friendship” and we encourage surrogates and couples to build friendships prior to embarking on a surrogacy journey.

Surrogacy UK offers the following to our members:

  • We provide social events and an on-line community that allow surrogates and intended parents to get to meet and know each other.
  • We make available our collective experience, based on having gone through surrogacy journeys ourselves, to help others have as smooth a surrogacy experience as possible.
  • We provide a network of friendship and peer support that helps members to handle the ups and downs that are an inevitable part of any surrogacy journey.

Surrogacy UK only offer membership to surrogates and couples within the UK.  We do not offer support to those undertaking international surrogacy.




We currently have a list of members who are happy to take part in positive media pieces.

We can put journalists in contact with surrogates, intended parents and completed families.

Media requests can be made through the email address




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